Smart TV Casino Gaming – Friends and Live Dealers

Smart TV’s are used for a lot of things. You can watch movies, use them as a second screen, and they great for playing casino games. With choices like roulette, slots, poker, blackjack and more, you never get a dull moment. I don’t know if you know, but there are a couple of big companies behind making these games, and they are really amazing for a “home version”. Smart Gaming is one of the companies behind a wide range of live casino games.

OFCOM is the software provider they use, and most of the casino games you can stream on your TV comes from them. Another company is Smart Live Casino, base in Brittain. They do live to stream in real time, so you can actually be in a Casino at home with other people. That’s not a game anymore. It’s pretty nifty because you ca get slots, blackjack, baccarat, or roulette sitting on your couch! Smart TV Broadcasting Ltd is another UK “big dog”, beginning transmissions as far back as 2007, and are now broadcasting on Freeview (Channel 22) and Sky (Channel 863). They offer blackjack and roulette with live dealers on Smart Live Casino, as well as sportsbooks and slots.There is more gambling on the TV and website in off hours that has a big wheel, but the real action is in the virtual games!

Casino Games You Will Find on Smart TV

Live Roulette – With the design of this game, it feels and looks as if you are in a real casino!
It has a huge European wheel and spins every 2 minutes. It’s even compatible with your IOS devices.

3D Slots – Lots of slots apps for the Smart TV, but is you want some real game, with fat prizes and REAL money, check out the Smart Live Casino website, where you will have more options, and play for real! They have an app for it as well, but all you have to do on the website is the jump in the betting section, and there are sixteen sports to bet on.

Live Blackjack – Live blackjack has a feature that some believe to be even better than real live casinos. That is every dealt hand, the player can choose what style he is playing in, while others play what they want.

Social Gaming with Your Smart TV

Jasper SmithFor a lot of people, social gaming will allow you access to PlayJam games. This is the most fun to a lot of people, because you can play with friends, and invite them and socialize while you have fun. Games are predicted to become more and more interactive, and Playjam signed a deal with Samsung, to bring their games on board for people to have access to via Smart TV. This will be perfect with the Samsung Smart TV’s are remarkable anyway, adding hundreds of games at the touch of a button is just what we are waiting for. People get bored just sitting around. PlayJam on their own wasn’t lacking in the least, to tell the truth, because you can already get on social games via their leaderboards, and cross-network tourneys.They even take virtual currencies! PlayJam’s CEO Jasper Smith seems to believe that social gaming will pass up the popularity of even facebook one day, and we can relate, because honestly, there’s more to do! PLayJam set out to provide the best gaming experience possible, and actually allow game developers to design games right on their website!

Facebook can’t be far behind because honestly, it’s everyone’s favorite hangout. Why should they be lacking? Then it will pay them too, so they can’t be far off at all. Most people are figuring out that the safest and most practical way to play games is online. You can just focus better in your own home, and by the same token, gambling is better from home too. Happy Gaming!