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Lasamericasfilms has picked 2 TV slot and they are ready to update to the movies. With companies such as Marvel and DC there are many movies themes to choose from. These top movies have been exciting games.


gladiatorThis film was made for great gameplay. There are high quality scenes from the movie as well as some great visuals. Decimus Meridius is brought to life in this game (basta site). This game features the Colosseum bonus which is interactive. A player will get to pick stone tile can unlocked free spins, scatter symbols, and multipliers.

This slot machine game has been around for years and is still a favorite among players. It has some outstanding graphics and some great bonuses. This slot was able to successful take a movie and turn it into an exciting game.

Iron Man 2 and Iron Man 3

im2Marvel has been turning its characters into a number of products. They have started the comic book heroes with the Iron Man movies and Tony Stark is now a household name.

The sequels of this movie have been turned into slot games. Iron Man 2 has joined with the War Machine, the Black Window, and Whiplash to make some exciting symbols for the game.

im3Iron Man 3 does not have the familiar faces but has been replaced with characters from this movie. The icons in this game include the suit of armor that Iron Man wears, War Machine, and the Iron Patriot. There are a number of bad guys from the film that have been included in this game. This game follow the theme of Iron Man. Players like this game because they have some choice when they hit the specials. A player can choose which bonus game they would like to play based on the suits of armor that they receive. This keeps the game interesting and exciting.